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Reduce Healthcare Costs by >30% Without New Budget or Hires


Reduce staff workload


Improve patient health outcomes


Dramatically increase revenue

As a nurse, seeing the results from CircleLink Health’s care management platform on a day-to-day basis, you can’t speak more highly of what this means to the healthcare industry!

Michelle Patten

Toledo Clinic’s Director of ACO and Clinical Operations

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CircleLink Health vs Alternative Solutions

There is no real competition when it comes to CircleLink Health.  Here’s why:

CircleLink Health

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Proven Clinical Outcomes ✅Statistically significant results, e.g., 31% reduction in care costs (p = 0.030) ❌ Lacking full claims data analysis ❌  Lacking full claims data analysis ❌ Difficult to execute/measure with busy staff
Care Coach Quality ✅100% RNs: less work for clinics / quality for patients ❌ Lower-level MAs/staff: more work for clinics ❌ Lower-level MAs/staff: more work for clinics ❌ You pay for additional staff
Compliance ✅Bills only for clinical calls, software tracks all time/interactions ❌ May bill without clinical patient call ❌ May bill without clinical patient call ❌ No tracking, audit trail, other compliance tools
Scalability ✅RNs work remotely: Access to all U.S. nurses ❌ Call centers: Geography constrained ❌ Call centers: Geography constrained ❌ New resources to hire, train & manage coaches
Patient Happiness ✅97% patient satisfaction (5.35% survey margin of error) ❌ ? ❌ ? ❌ Difficult to execute/measure with busy staff

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Seamless Integration

100% Registered Nurses

With your patients’ health and your reputation on the line, you need maximum reliability. All of our telehealth nurses are 100% licensed Registered Nurses and average over a decade of nursing experience.

Close the Gaps

Close Gaps in Care 25% more than the Medicare/MIPS average using our Gap Closer feature plus RN care managers, or your own staff. Improve quality, HEDIS Star ratings and revenue.

Zero Staff Burden

We do the work to integrate into your existing workflow, find and enroll eligible patients, create care plans, deliver audit-grade billing reports, and provide medicare chronic care service logs.